What is Qanon??

Regardless of your Race, Gender or Belief, this information is crucial

So you've heard of Qanon, right? And surely you think Qanon is just a crazy conspiracy theory, right?? Is that true? Is it just a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories made up to help trump win the election?

Allow me to explain exactly what qanon is, why its all over the news, and how it could change our world (and our lives) forever.

Remember Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks and the email scandal of Hillary Clinton in 2016? …Well, think of that the very first Qanon "drop" of information leaked to the public. But why am I comparing WikiLeads to Qanon? Because despite what "fake news" aka "mainstream media" tells you every chance they get, Qanon is simply an organization of volunteers all over the world that come together to expose evil and corruption.

So what evil am I talking about? And is it real or just made up crazy people stuff? Let me put it bluntly. Qanon does not try to convince anyone of anything. That's what the news is doing. Qanon simply exposes information they discover from an army of anonymous whistleblowers and hackers. So what is their goal? To understand that in the simplest way, you should watch the movie linked below. This movie was made to narrate the story of Qanon, how it was started, its purpose and its findings.

Let me just end this by simply asking you... if there was an information war between good and evil happening right now in your country behind your back, wouldn't you want to know what it's about? Especially if it affects you, your family, your children today and all of your futures?
This has NEVER happened before. It's not something you want to miss or be on the wrong side of. This war affects every one of us regardless of race, gender or religion!

Click here to watch the movie that explains it all

So my last bit of information is what does Trump have to do with it? Well, that is a good question! And the movie will explain that better than I ever could!